PasynSoft develops, integrates and supports IT solutions allowing small and medium-sized businesses to optimize their business processes, making them more efficient.
We work within the US market with companies from any industry that want to automate their business processes and make their workflow more effective.
Through working with us, you will obtain tools that fit your business goals. In order to create these, we analyze the company’s internal processes and offer a customized IT solution based on your current needs.
Message from the CEO

Since 2010, our company has worked on developing and integrating IT systems that help to improve company work processes, ranging from communication to specific tasks that require automation, since in their current state they take too much time or lead to failures, resulting in higher costs.
Rather than implementing fully packaged products or working with freelancers, we thoroughly research your needs and integrate a tailor-made solution.

Hello! My name is Sergei Pasynkov, and I am the CEO at PasynSoft.
I’m glad that you are visiting our website, and I’m sure we can help you if optimizing and maximizing the efficiency of your business processes is your main goal.
We do our best to create a positive image of our company that inspires confidence and respect among our clients and business partners. We are oriented towards continued cooperation with you.
The main goal of our company is to maximize the efficiency of our client’s business through the integration of IT solutions and the optimization of current IT infrastructure, resulting in increased profits.
We help our clients by offering optimal and highly professional solutions for establishing and optimizing business processes, through the development and careful integration of business automation IT solutions into the company infrastructure.
We customize solutions to your business processes
When designing solutions, we always address the needs and goals of our clients. When necessary, we help our clients to formulate their goals, taking into account their values and real-world challenges, and we are oriented towards the future and business development. This helps us to create truly effective and workable solutions.
Each client is a part of our team
We don’t just focus our efforts on our clients’ goals. Everyone who works with us can be sure that our specialists will finish any task, even the most unusual one, and will find the best solution and help with any question related to the automation and improvement of business processes. We find an individual approach for each client through being personally committed to their expectations and needs.
Maximizing the efficiency of your work processes
Our goal is to integrate quality solutions that work towards maximizing the efficiency of our clients’ business processes. Since high quality is of paramount importance to us, we use our experience, knowledge and daily efforts to improve our work.
Our team

Nick R.


I am CTO at PasynSoft manage over 100 full time software developers.
We provide developer services in following technologies:
Ivan K.

Team Lead

Experienced software engineer with a solid background in enterprise product development. Full-stack developer with a focus on the back-end. Well aware of the Microsoft products including Azure services. A team-leader with practice in the waterfall and agile methodologies.
Front end: React.js, Angular, Javascript / Typescript, HTML/CSS

C#, .Net, .Net Core, Web API, Asp.net, Asp.net MVC

Mobile: native iOS, Android

Jim D.

Team Lead

I'm a lead developer at the company. I manage with over 40 full-time specialists.
We Provide Seamless Integration into the IT and Business Infrastructure of the Customer.

Senior IT Advisor

I'm Senior IT Advisor at PasynSoft, we definitely have a strong development team able to deliver well-architected, cost-effective, fast, and proper work your company with necessary third-level support.
We provide professional custom business process automation services to clients worldwide. It is all about large software systems development from scratch, maintenance of existing complex applications and support services.
Milen S.

Project Manager

I'm working for the business process automation and robotization services provider.
We help organizations and companies to see how they can gain greater efficiencies through the use of business process optimization and automation.
Robots are taking over the world… and we are behind the plot to create a robotic army that serves our clients' companies to reach their ambitious goals.
We are mold and shape the direction of BPA initiatives, leverage development tools to replace redundant business processes, analyze the performance, and refactor for scalability and performance.

And 50+ middle and senior level developers and managers

Our clients

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