Corporate portals
Creating and upgrading corporate portals for collaborative work automation
Systems for maximizing efficiency through shared access to projects of different types and levels of complexity.

In our work, we focus on the ultimate benefits for our client. This is why we create collaboration portals that take into account the challenges and needs you are experiencing.

A large number of employees from different departments working on the same project can affect overall control and management, considerably decreasing their efficiency. To enhance the productivity of collaborative work, we integrate systems that allow businesses to adopt an integrated management approach.
What we do

The implementation of a smart intranet system can help you not only to improve communication and to manage workflows on a daily basis, but also enable you to boost employees’ productivity and reduce management workload. If you already use an intranet portal that does not meet all of your needs, we will develop software applications that fill all the gaps.
We can develop an intranet portal using Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Office 365, or design and develop a fully-customized solution that will fit your business processes.
Document Management
Development of infrastructure for storing knowledge bases and work documentation

We develop and integrate solutions for workflow automation, providing you with tools to:
Structure the flow of documents in your company;;
Improve data security through protected access to different types of documents;
Speed up customer communication and service; reduce paperwork;
Reduce paperwork.
CRM system
Development, integration and support of a CRM system
Integration of tools that help sales teams communicate with clients and generate sales effectively.
We assist with the development and integration of tools that are oriented towards increases in sales, allowing you more productive interactions with clients.
With the help of a CRM system that is flexible enough to be incorporated into your current processes and infrastructure, your sales team will be able to:
Create a customer database based on important information about partners and clients;
Considerably improve customer service through creating records in the accounting system about their key needs and demands;
Manage sales funnel, promptly process incoming requests and update the status of projects;
Feel confident that staff turnover will not affect contact with and information about clients.
Web and mobile apps
Development of tools that make remote working convenient
We use open source software and frameworks such as Angular and Xamarin, which help us to solve your problems as quickly as possible.
We develop web and mobile applications that can assist your employees and help them mitigate issues in the office and in remote locations.
New products
Creating new products and solutions using existing platforms

Upgrade of current solutions according to your needs and tasks.
If you already use a workflow automation solution, we can build new products based on your current platform. This may be a solution for document management, creating commercial offers or the realization of any other type of business interaction based on your needs.
If we are replacing an existing solution, we will provide data migration with no losses or glitches.
Seamless implementation of new solutions into your infrastructure

In order for a solution to work flawlessly and to take into account all the relevant business processes, it needs to be effectively integrated into the current IT infrastructure of the company, which may be very heterogeneous.
We provide integration with CRM, Mail Server, Active Directory and any customized solutions that our clients use.
Cloud migration
Creating cloud infrastructure, full or part migration of your IT to the cloud

If you aim to increase the cost-effectiveness, speed and fault-tolerance of your system by migrating your infrastructure to the cloud, we can help. Regardless of how many solutions and settings you use, or how different they are from standard system configurations, we can develop a step-by-step plan and run a pilot implementation. Only after we have ensured that the pilot has been implemented successfully will we provide full cloud migration.
We work with Microsoft Azure, which allows us to select different types of cloud computing solutions, such as PaaS, IaaS or SaaS. We will help you with renting servers, data storage devices and network equipment, and provide infrastructure management after migration.
IT support
Optimization of costs due to remote support of your IT infrastructure
If you want to optimize costs, you can fully or partially outsource your IT infrastructure support to us.
We create a help desk for each client and craft an SLA.
E-mail is our primary channel of communication. We also use phone calls when necessary and utilize remote access to the client’s computer to provide help or fix problems.
Team of developers
A dedicated and well-coordinated team of professional developers will work on your project

After estimating the complexity of the project, we assign a suitable number of specialists to work only on your tasks.
We work in the following way:
We start by writing an RFC that contains a description of the client’s business needs and how these can be technically realized (to which the entire second half of the document is devoted);
We then analyze the current situation, create a work plan and launch a pilot project;
After the pilot is shown to be successful, we carry out a full-scale implementation.